Protecting Advanced Information Technology Systems

Apogee Engineering provides Certified Information Systems Professionals (CISSP) certified experts to support Information Assurance (IA), DIACAP, and RMF requirements for the U.S. Government.

Apogee’s IA staff ensure our customer’s systems achieve and maintain an appropriate level of confidentiality, integrity, authentication, non-repudiation, and availability that reflect a working balance of information usage and security protection and monitoring. Our IA and cyber warfare staff appreciates the importance and sensitivity of protected information and assets and excels at dissecting the many layers of interconnected and complex systems. Our staff understands the criticality and daily impact of cyber threats, impairment, or destruction to U.S Government information systems and associated growing resource demands.

We help our customers reach mission and strategic goals and objectives across a program’s investment life-cycle. This is made possible by adherence to system protection and architecture assessment, helping ensure systems are able to safely and effectively migrate to upgraded frameworks.


DIACAP/RMF, Information Assurance, Active Network Defense, Neural Network Defense, EMASS, IATO and ATO packages and coordination, Security Training and Protocol, Information Security Policies and Directives, Network Security

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