Providing an array of services and solutions under four mission portfolios.


Offering a disciplined approach to optimizing and deploying modern technologies.


Providing in-depth research and development for our customer’s most challenging problems.


Leading acquisition programs with vision and transparency.


Full scope support to our nation’s most critical missions.


Apogee continues to invest in innovative technical differentiators to ensure our solutions aligns with our customer’s top priorities.


Apogee is advancing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in support of image processing for intelligence, security, transportation, and medical purposes. Our physics-based engine evolves the speed of critical decision making and significantly increase accuracy. Our software will reduce time required for analysis and significantly increase accuracy. APOLLO was designed for multiple mission data sets and is primed to meet emerging government and commercial customer needs.


We pride ourselves on innovative IaaS-Expanded solutions, and our Consolidated Apogee Virtual Environment (CAVE) offering is no exception. With long-standing and tested successes, our cyber training range training solution has proven its ability to absorb legacy technology into a virtual environment and modernize the experience for real-world conditions. Our CAVE use cases are flexible, scalable, and backed by high-performance computing infrastructure.


Apogee’s new Acquisition Transformation Center (ATC) will be the premier hub for SMEs to share best practices across the defense and national security enterprise. Open to Apogee, our customers, and industry partners, the ATC will combine expertise with the latest in collaboration technology. Within the ATC, experts will evaluate new acquisition guidelines, define how it influences ongoing programs, share lessons learned across our portfolios, and ensure your programs are a resounding success.


Experienced with diverse contract methods to support any customer’s needs.