U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Supporting Those Who Secure the Homeland

Apogee Engineering is an established provider of Training, Engineering, Information Assurance, Configuration Management, Logistics, Human Capital Consulting, and Mission Support services to DHS components such as the US Coast Guard. Our presence and skilled support stretches from HQ to remote units in CONUS & OCONUS locations. As we expand in this market we will continue to demonstrate our ability to provide exceptional performance.

We currently have multiple vehicles providing a variety of entry points to customers. We hold the GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) and we are a Prime in multiple OASIS SB Pools.

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Apogee’s support to DHS is led by Mr. Dave Hutchison from our Colorado Springs, CO location. To learn more about our growing DHS offering he can be contacted at: Hutchison@ApogeeMail.net or 719-418-4958.

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