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Apogee Engineering’s Engineering & Science offering has provided outstanding research & development, engineering, and simulations activities for NASA experiment design. Apogee provided subject matter expertise to various International Space Station (ISS) experiment designs. We supported problem formulation, case setup, and post-processing for studies with models developed in-house. Those designs will be fabricated and launched on an ISS mission in the 2017 timeframe.  Apogee scientists worked in conjunction with NASA, Industry, and Academia to lead the project, model a system, simulate its performance, and establish a final design for experimentation.

We currently have multiple vehicles providing a variety of entry points to customers. We hold the GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) and we are a Prime in multiple OASIS SB Pools.


Apogee’s support to the NASA is led by Mr. Dave Hutchison from our Colorado Springs, CO location. To learn more about our NASA offering he can be contacted at: or 719-418-4958.

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