Providing space and missile defense support to Navy Fleet Operations

Apogee provides subject matter expertise for space and missile defense for Navy fleet operations. This includes Military Satellite Communications (MILSATCOM), Global Positioning System (GPS), and Missile Warning (MW)/Missile Defense (MD). We execute tactical-level command and control of Navy Networks, leverage Joint Space capabilities for Navy and Joint operations, operate the Navy’s networks to achieve effective command and control, enhance security posture and improve information technology (IT) services through enterprise-level management.  Apogee supports the NNWC Space Directorate by providing Space Operations and Missile Warning systems and Subject Matter Expertise (SME) support for NAVNETWARCOM, NAVCYBEROR, and OPNAV N2N6.

We currently have multiple vehicles providing entry points to customers. We are a Prime on Seaport-e, on a Cyber Multi-Award Contract (MAC) team, hold the GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS), and hold multiple GSA OASIS SB Pool Prime contracts.


Apogee’s support to the U.S. Navy is led by Mr. Tim Smith from our Colorado Springs, CO location. To learn more about our Navy offering he can be contacted at: or 719-418-4957.

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