Apogee’s expertise applies across domains to include high visibility support on the Mars Opportunity rover program.
We are building this type of expertise by investing in innovative technical differentiators, helping Apogee stand out in the defense and national security market.


Apogee’s new Acquisition Transformation Center (ATC) located in Beavercreek, OH will be the premier hub for SMEs to share best practices across the defense and national security enterprise. Open to Apogee, our customers, and industry partners, the ATC will combine expertise with the latest in collaboration technology. Within the ATC, experts will evaluate new acquisition guidelines, define how it influences ongoing programs, share lessons learned across our acquisitions portfolio, and ensure our customer’s acquisition programs are a resounding success.


Apogee is advancing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in support of image processing for intelligence purposes. Our physics-based engine evolves the rapid intake of products to assist defense and national security customers.  Our software will reduce time required for analysis and significantly increase accuracy. APOLLO was designed to support multiple mission data sets and inputs and is primed to meet new and emerging customer needs.


We pride ourselves on innovative IaaS-Expanded solutions, and our consolidated virtual environment / operations center offering (CAVE/ANOC) is no exception. With real-world testing and long-standing success, our solution has proven its ability to absorb legacy technology into a virtual environment for stability and modernization. Customers have seen immediate improvements in performance, with unparalleled advice coming from our SMEs. Our solution spans domains and use cases, providing flexibility, scalability, and high-performance computing power to meet evolving customer needs. Whether you’re looking to expand rapidly or just seeking an edge in the market, our IaaS-E offering is the perfect choice to deliver immediate results.


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