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Apogee Engineering supports the many offices, departments, and centers throughout the US Government by providing industry leading and innovative Information Technology services.

Our staff is responsible for keeping pace with the constant evolution of the technology landscape while adhering and upholding the policies and guidelines. We constantly assess the growing needs of customers and staff, while simultaneously upgrading existing and new technologies to meet operational requirements. Apogee provides vast network and security engineering experience from planning, integrating, executing, managing, monitoring, fielding, and/or controlling globally distributed Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS)/ Government-Off-The-Shelf (GOTS)/Free-And-Open-Source-Software (FOSS) on government systems.

Apogee’s exceptional IT support and services maintain customer network reliability and virtually no network downtime, resulting in overwhelming customer satisfaction. Our staff maintains systems monitoring platforms, perform system backups, perform systems hardware repairs and lost file recovery. We continuously audit our customer’s network environments and provide continued real-time monitoring of servers and network hardware with alerts identifying possible failures or network degradation.


Systems and Network Engineering and Administration, Disaster Recovery, Network Architecture and Optimization, Technology Integration, Advanced Health Technology Systems, Obsolescence Management, and Technical Help Desk support.

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