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Apogee Engineering provides expertise in support of a portfolio of operational mission planning applications, research of force-multiplying technology, data synthesis and analysis activities related to scientific pursuits, high-visibility and high function website front-ends. We leverage distributed science-based networks, security, usability, analysis of tools and systems, statistical and user analysis, search engine optimization, cyber infrastructure upgrades, database applications, geospatial applications administration, and other infrastructure including High Performance Computing platforms.

Apogee has experts with MS-SQL Server, PostGIS, PostgreSQL, Solr, Lucene and MySQL, and we have performed architecture planning using virtualization, distributed infrastructure, grid computing, clustering, and load balancing. We utilize ESRI suite, Open Layers and other open source toolkits to develop and maintain map services, geo databases, projections, and map layers; and COTS and Open Source products to develop and support databases and scientific computing processes and systems. We maintain a full understanding of security requirements, database maintenance and operations, GIS operations, web-based scientific database integration at multiple scales, and traditional ODBC technologies.


Capabilities include Application Capabilities include Software Application Support, DevOps, Agile and Waterfall implementations, Requirements Analysis, System Interface Controls, Systems Testing and Quality Assurance, Application Deployment and Maintenance, and High Performance Computing.

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