Supporting our Nation’s most Critical Missions

Apogee Engineering is dedicated to ensuring our customers are best prepared to quickly organize and manage recovery efforts for national emergency events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorist and cyber attacks, defense mobilizations and major transportation incidents, with carefully architected plans, well prepared staff and leadership, and quick-response solutions in around-the-clock operations environments. We provide technical Systems Monitoring and Management / Policy, Plans and Guidance to some of the Nation’s most critical missions including users in the civil and aviation communities as part of a support agreement with the U.S. Coast Guard and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for performance analysis, troubleshooting assistance, and inter-agency support for GPS interference.

Apogee mission support activities extend into program and broad organizational activities, increasing the efficiency, performance, and success of complex missions. We provide thought leadership and hands-on teams to establish an organization’s objectives, execute those plans swiftly, and capitalize on the team’s growth and success. Apogee has experience developing academic, civilian, and defense organizations with outstanding success.


24/7 Mission Support, Acquisition Management; Operation, Maintenance, and Sustainment (OM&S); Joint Exercise Planning and Execution; Logistics; Business Operations; Marketing & Branding; Education Outreach, Curriculum and Training.

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