Providing in-depth Analysis, Measurement, and Technical Recommendations.

Apogee Engineering provides industry leading engineers and PhD-level scientists to explore, develop, and implement advanced concepts for our customers.

Our engineering processes are applied early in the systems life-cycle to build the foundation of a successful program. Our  engineers ensure analysis techniques and activities are integrated across programs, services, organizations and stakeholders to build system and segment requirements that are operationally validated. Our staff work to develop engineering concepts and solutions to ensure requirements have early support and community buy-in.

Apogee’s scientists and researchers have worked across multiple domains including but not limited to health/human performance, cyber system neural network defense, high performance computing techniques, military force-multiplying applications, unmanned aircraft for civilian and military use, and space exploration. We perform applied and basic research in large and small-scale laboratory settings in academia, military, and civilian settings advancing the understanding of concepts and navigating technology through technology readiness assessment phases.


Systems Engineering and Integration (SE&I), Hardware Engineering, Test and Evaluation (T&E), Modeling and Simulation, Health and Human Performance, Scientific Research including Basic and Applied Research; Laboratory Technical Support; Analysis, Concept Planning and Alternative Solutions; and Technical Training.

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Delivering Innovative and Relevant Solutions